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Board of Directors

The spirit of democracy captured in the credit union philosophy could not be realized without the leadership of a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee.

Our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee receive no compensation for their service and commitment. There are no outside stockholders and decision-making is local.

Members of the Board of Directors are responsible for establishing the strategic direction of the Credit Union, providing oversight and monitoring of progress toward the organization's goals, and carrying out fiduciary responsibilities customarily performed by boards of directors in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Board of Directors
Jon Barada (Chair) President, Bloomington Health Foundation
Kim Milford (Vice Chair) Executive Director, Research and Education Network Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC), Indiana University
Bruce Jaffee (Treasurer) Emeritus Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, Indiana University
Dennis Cromwell (Secretary) Executive Director of the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative, Indiana University; Adjunct Faculty member in The O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University
Nandini Gupta Associate Professor of Finance; Cathie and Jerry Anderson Faculty Fellow, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
Brad Heim Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professor, O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University
Andrea Mobley Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Operations, Monroe County Community School Corporation
Dana Palazzo Engineer, Chexology
Larry Polley Retired, Controller, Dynamic Medical Practice Services
Scott Smart Clinical Professor of Finance; Associate Chair of the Full-Time MBA Program, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
Emily Springston Chief Student Welfare and Title IX Officer, Indiana University

Supervisory Committee

The primary objective of the Supervisory Committee is to determine that members' assets are adequately safeguarded. This objective is carried out through reviews and evaluations of the Credit Union's operating, financial reporting, and internal control systems. These responsibilities are administered through the combined efforts of the Audit Services Department, independent certified public accountants, and others.

Supervisory Committee
Jason Brown Associate Professor of Accounting, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
Roy Elkes Professor of Accounting, Ivy Tech Community College
Jacob Farmer Director of Client Services, University Information Technology Services (UITS), Indiana University
DJ Masson President, The Treasury Academy; Associate Clinical Professor of Finance, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University; Instructor and Curriculum Developer, Association for Financial Professionals, Association of Corporate Treasurers in the U.K., and Citibank's Global Transactions Services Unit
Marcy Shepardson Associate Professor of Accounting, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Director Emeriti

Director Emeriti
Hannah Buxbaum Vice President for International Affairs, Indiana University; John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics and Professor of Law, Indiana University
Doris Sims Housing and Neighborhood Development Director, City of Bloomington
John Whikehart Retired, Chancellor, Ivy Tech Community College Bloomington; Former Deputy Mayor, City of Bloomington


IU Credit Union Volunteers since 1956

Board Volunteers
Samuel Braden 1956, 1958-1959
C.J. Burke 1956-1958
Frank Horack 1956-1957
George Keough 1956-1959
Malcomb Love 1956
Paul Rouse 1956-1967, 1969-1971, 1975-1976
William Strain 1956-1957
Jack Bastin 1957
Mary Crawford 1957-1958
Lucretia Crill 1957
E.E. Edwards 1957-1958
Leland Ratliff 1957
Steve Burger 1958-1961
Ted Appleton 1958-1959
Julius Blum 1958-1959
Henry Wahl 1958-1959
Glenn Owens 1959-1965
Myra Janco 1959-1960
William Oliver 1959-1960
Taulman Miller 1960-1961
Maynard Collier 1960-1961, 1963
Leo Fay 1960-1961
Henry Hofstetter 1960-1963
George Bloom 1960-1962
Robert Jordan 1960
George Johnson 1961-1962
Betty LeBus 1961-1962
Stanley Johnson 1962-1963
Howard Terman 1962-1964
George Cousins 1962-1963
Robert Petranoff 1962-1964, 1966-1967
Robert Burton 1963-1969
Richard Myren 1963-1964
Harrison Shull 1964
Smith Higgins 1964-1966
George Johnson 1964
Ross Robertson 1964-1965
Arthur Glover 1964-1965
Stanley Ballinger 1964-1965
Don Weaver 1964-2017
Robert Jeffrey 1965-1968
Herbert Muller 1965-1967
Gilbert Swain 1965-1975
Charles Vitaliano 1966-1983
William Haynes 1966-1967
William Dugger 1966-1982
Henry Smith 1966-1975
Ralph Day 1967-1970, 1976-1982
Daniel Quilter 1968-1973
Randall Haydon 1968
Joseph Belth 1968-1972
D. Ralph Appleman 1968-1973
Robert Jordan 1969-1984
Danilo Orescanin 1970-1971
Juanita Hendrick 1972-1983
Paul Klinge 1972-1977
Nathan Silverstein 1973-1980
Robert Klotman 1974-1981, 1983-1986
William Perrin 1974-1979
George Taliaferro 1976-1978, 1982
Bruce Jaffee 1979-serving
Ed Whalen 1979-1984
Nancy Tardy 1980-1981
Harvey Bunke 1981-1982, 1985-2002
Betty Hall 1982-2002
Edward Klootwyk 1983-2003
William Sartoris 1983-1988
Maxine Belcher 1983-1988
Patricia Lloyd 1984-1987
Andy Tynan 1984-1991
David Stien 1985-1990
William Hicks 1987-1997, 1999-2010
Dorothy Frapwell 1988-1991
Carolyn Bowman 1989-2006
Douglas Dalrymple 1989-1992, 1994-1998
Richard Heinz 1991-2004
P.A. Mack 1992-1994, 1999-2016
Don Agostino 1993-2004
Tim Thrasher 1993-2017
Gladys DeVane 1998
Hannah Buxbaum 2003-2011, 2014-2020
Larry Polley 2003-serving
Lindsay Boyd 2004-2005
Sue Talbot 2005-2014
Yolanda Treviño 2006-2011
Neva Gildersleeve 2007-2009
John Whikehart 2007-2019
Scott Smart 2010-2019, 2020-serving
Doris Sims 2011-2020
Emily Springston 2012-serving
Kerry Thomson 2012-2015
Melanie Walker 2015-2016
Brad Heim 2016-serving
Dana Palazzo 2016-serving
Jon Barada 2017-serving
Kim Milford 2017-serving
Dennis Cromwell 2019-serving
Andrea Mobley 2019-serving
Nandini Gupta 2020-serving
Board Chair
William Strain 1956
C.J. Burke 1957
Samual Braden 1958
Julius Blum 1959
Maynard Coller 1960
Henry Hofstetter 1961
Henry Hofstetter 1962
Paul Rouse 1963
Ross Robertson 1964
Robert Burton 1965
Robert Jeffrey 1966
William Haynes 1967
Charles Vitaliano 1968
Don Weaver 1969
Don Weaver 1970
Robert Jordan 1971
Henry Smith 1972
William Dugger 1973
Nathan Silverstein 1974
Gilbert Swaim 1975
Nathan Silverstein 1976
Robert Jordan 1977
Robert Jordan 1978
Juanita Hedrick 1979
Ralph Day 1980
Robert Klotman 1981
Bruce Jaffee 1982
Edward Whalen 1983
Don Weaver 1984
Don Weaver 1985
William Sartoris 1986
Andy Tynan 1987
Don Weaver 1988
Harvey Bunke 1989
Edward Klootwyk 1990
William Hicks 1991
William Hicks 1992
Carolyn Bowman 1993
Richard Heinz 1994
Don Agostino 1995
Harvey Bunke 1996
Tim Thrasher 1997
Edward Klootwyk 1998
Richard Heinz 1999
Bruce Jaffee 2000
P.A. Mack, Jr. 2001
William Hicks 2002
Carolyn Bowman 2003
Bruce Jaffee 2004
Don Weaver 2005
Don Weaver 2006
Larry Polley 2007
Tim Thrasher 2008
Hannah Buxbaum 2009
William Hicks 2010
Sue Talbot 2011
John Whikehart 2012
Don Weaver 2013
Bruce Jaffee 2014
Scott Smart 2015
Emily Springston 2016
Doris Sims 2017
Larry Polley 2018
Brad Heim 2019
Jon Barada 2020
Supervisory Committee
William Cleveland 1956-1958
Robert Siebenthal 1956-1958
Charles Spencer 1956-1958
Jack Ray 1960-1963
Bob Jordan 1960
Don Sauer 1960
Howard Terman 1961-1963
Taulman Miller 1961-1963
Bill Hepley 1963
Maurice Biggs 1964-1970
Robert Burton 1964
Samuel Frumer 1964
Robert Walden 1965-1966
Glenn Owens 1965-1980
Robert Burton 1967-1968
Robert Jordan 1969-1970
Charles Vitaliano 1971-1972
Edward Klootwyk 1971-1980
Don Weaver 1973-1980, 1983, 1987-2001
Lou Biagioni 1981-1982
Bruce Jaffee 1981, 1986-1987
Douglas Priest 1981-1983
Edward Whalen 1982, 1985-1986
Gregg Floyd 1983-1985
William Sartoris 1984
Harvey Bunke 1984
Betty Hall 1985, 2001-2002
Herbert White 1985-1987
Judith Maki 1986-1989
Don Agostino 1988-1991
Bill Hicks 1988-1989
Andy Tynan 1991
Dennis McGuire 1991-1995
Cheryl Blackett 1992-1995
P.A. Mack 1992-1997, 2007
Scott Poulter 1992
Richard Heinz 1993, 2003
Tim Thrasher 1994-1996, 1999-2000, 2004-2005
Phil Hathaway 1996
Mikel Tiller 1996-1998
Carolyn Bowman 1997-1998
Sue Talbot 1997-2004
Larry Polley 1998-2002
David Adams 1999-2001
Lynn Coyne 2002-2005, 2008-2010
Scott Smart 2003-2009
Yolanda Treviño 2002-2006
Vivian Winston 2005-2019
Brad Wheeler 2006-2009
Leslie Hodder 2007-2011
Diane Biagioni 2010
Dennis Cromwell 2010-2019
Greg Udell 2011-2020
Roy Elkes 2012-serving
Peggy Hite 2012-2016
Marcy Shepardson 2016-serving
Jason Brown 2019-serving
Jacob Farmer 2019-serving
DJ Masson 2020-serving


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