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Debit & Credit Card Controls

Monitor and Control Spending on Your IUCU Debit and Credit Cards with Card Controls

Card Controls is a free service that allows you to control when, where and how your debit and credit cards can be used and provides customized transaction alerts.

Turn each card on and off instantly whenever you choose and set up transaction limits based on location, merchant type or spending limits. Set alerts to monitor transactions.

It’s Easy to Enroll!

From Online Banking, click on Card Controls in the main menu bar. From our Mobile app, click on More and then Card Controls. All debit and credit cards that are listed on your account will display after accepting the Terms and Conditions. There are no separate usernames or passwords required for Card Controls.

Turn Your Cards On and Off Instantly and Set Controls and Alerts

Each of your cards can be controlled individually. Just select a card and click the Action buttons to see a list of options for declines and alerts. Choose how you would like to receive alerts: text, email, push notification or all three. Change your declines and alerts preferences whenever you choose.


Card Controls FAQs